Philosophy & Approach

Oasis manages a combination of strategies that focus on investing, trading, and arbitrage across global capital markets, taking an opportunistic approach in multiple strategies and asset classes.

Oasis invests in long and short opportunities across markets and capital structures, and investments are selected for their optimal risk-adjusted return profiles. The firm’s investment approach combines fundamental value analysis with sensitivity to changing market environments. Oasis possesses global search capabilities for situations or trade-specific opportunities across asset classes; its research, full trade-evaluation expertise across asset classes and geographies, direct sourcing capabilities, and ability to make rapid capital allocation decisions are advantageous.

Since its founding, Oasis has prided itself on successfully investing based on innovation, dexterity and flexibility. Oasis achieves this via thorough due diligence and leveraging the synergies between qualitative and quantitative research, with all-important risk management underpinned by proprietary systems developed over the past 15+ years. As a long-standing participant in global capital markets, the firms has acquired deep legal and regulatory knowledge across jurisdictions, established excellent relationships with counterparties and local corporations, and developed leading-edge investment and business processes and controls.