Social Responsibility

Oasis is a dedicated advocate of philanthropic efforts, both on the individual employee level and as an organization. Oasis is a proud supporter of 100 Women in Finance as well as various other social and charitable causes, both in Hong Kong and around the world.

Very close to our hearts is the Karen Leung Foundation, of which Oasis is a founding sponsor, and which was established in memory of Oasis trader Karen Leung, who passed away in October 2012 at age 35 after a courageous and dignified battle with metastatic cervical cancer. The Karen Leung Foundation was established for the purpose of funding and promoting education, prevention, research and treatment of gynecological cancers.

Oasis is a proud partner for the Karen Leung Foundation and its annual investor conference charity event, first held in Hong Kong in June 2013. The conference, now in partnership with the globally recognized Sohn Conference Foundation, is a must-attend event for Asia providing a forum for successful professional investors to present a market view or investment idea, allowing attendees such as sell and buy side investment professionals, asset allocators, and private investors to glean valuable insights from leaders in the field. Many of these investors, who manage both long-only and hedge fund portfolios, rarely share their insights in any public forum. Information on the Sohn Hong Kong/Karen Leung Foundation conference is available at and

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